THE CANNABUS - Sensible ✔ BC Needs Your Signature

                       "The Cannabus"      Picture courtesy of CTV

So far, the campaign is 15,000 signatures short of its target of 80,000 signatures, but still within range of hitting our targets, growing larger every day."

Dana Larsen, founder and spokesman.

Only  8 Weeks left, to collect signatures!


Have you ever heard of it?

Elections BC has confirmed that the Act is within British Columbia's jurisdiction 
and suitable for a referendum

The BC Act has two main parts.

A part that works on Decriminalization,  
and a part that works towards it's Legalization!

Please help those in pain, by showing your compassion.

As you know, I'm a strong advocate 
for the legalization of Medical Marijuana.

So, when you see the Cannabus pull up at your front door, please sign our petition and help us out!

You don't have to be a smoker to give your signature.

Eliminate the crime factor!

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Ena Maas said...

In my opinion canabis should be free to distribute to those who need/want it. In my garden 2 plants are growing
approx. 2 mtrs high and 1.5 mtr dia. nobody is interested. You see that's how it will go, nobody (?) planted the
plant in my garden, its just there and I will contact people who are interested to have the whatever they want.

Here in Holland some 5 plants are aloud be be grown for self use, no selling or dealing or whatsoever, giving away is another matter.

I'd like to give my signature to this positive action.

Rea de Miranda said...

I wish they would start doing it here! Great idea and good luck!!

Michael Estey said...

I'm sorry Ena, it's a provincial vote. Much like it is in the States. Each State legalizes it but the Federal Government doesn't. Same applies here. Provincial and Federal. Unfortunately Federal rules. That will change soon. You watch! Ena thats sounds like a lovely garden you have there! lol Happy harvesting.

Michael Estey said...

Is it an issue where you live?