"Terrorist Alert!" The Suicide-Bomber Halloween Pumpkin

The Suicide-bomber Halloween Pumpkin enters the crowded Pumpkin Field.  

Thousands of ripe pumpkins are gathered to watch the spectacle.
All hoping to win.
All donning orange the Halloween colours.

The judge is ready to proclaim his decision, 

"The Biggest Pumpkin Grown This Year!"

The Suicide-bomber Pumpkin rolls into the barn, 
and quietly intermingles with a group of Pumpkin pie enthusiasts.

He centres himself around ten or so unbaked pie crusts.
Tins of Pumpkin, sit on the shelves, orange with envy.

King Squash pushes and trundles his way up to the pulpit, to make his acceptance speech!

No pumpkins were hurt in this re-enactment.

Dog Brindle

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