Pot Vending Machines Coming To Canada

*Hard Core Stoner Alert*

The new MEDBOX 
Automated Medical Dispensing System is coming to a medical marijuana dispensary near you...

It's been a long time coming. This is the newest spin off business from the Legalization of Marijuana movement besides; rolling papers, bongs, pipes, and screens, etc. 

I wish I had bought shares in ZIG-ZAG, CUT CORNERS rolling papers back in the 60's. My prefered rolling paper. I'd be a millionaire today.

Marijuana Vending Machines

The Endexx Corp makes the Autospense Machine used at the present time by employees of legal medical marijuana outlets throughout the United States, not the general public.

Medbox Inc. which makes The MDS Medical Dispensing System says these new machines will be used by the general public, like an ATM machine at a bank, it dispenses the amount of marijuana ordered, plus a packet of papers, plus a cigarette lighter. A customer walks in and swipes his card on the machine. He collects his stash and away he goes, with his prescription filled. This will only be used by people who know in advance the amount required, the strain desired and a prescription to avoid long line-ups and avoid hearing the same spiel over and over again.

Bruce Bedrick, Medbox's CEO said, "It has huge international ramifications. The Canadian movement and the Canadian view of the industry could act as a seed for the rest of the world to follow."

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Rea de Miranda said...

I sure do hope our government will wake up and at least decriminalize marijuana!!