My Gay Politically Incorrect Halloween Costume

I remember as a kid...  around ten years of age. It was Halloween. 

All my class-mates were coming to school dressed in costumes.  A 'show and tell'  sort of day.  This was the 50's, a different time. We were allowed to dress-up, pretend, supposedly to have fun. I told my mother that I needed a costume, that I was going to be the only person dressed normal.  

Help!  I started to cry, as any kid would do!

She spotted something on the kitchen table, thought for a moment, ...  

Then ran up stairs, grabbed an old skirt, red and white skirt, and an old blouse, dressed me in it and wrapping a bandana around the top of my head and a checkered tea towel around my neck.  For some reason we had sticks of charcoal which she rubbed all over my face. 

There she said...

"Pretend you're Aunt Jemima!"

You can imagine the look on the teachers faces when they asked me who I was, pretending not to recognize me.

"I'm Aunt Jemima," I said.

A memory that's haunted me right up until I'm writing this, something I'll never forget.

that they gave each other.

Different times.

The only time, I've dressed in drag and the first moment I realized that I was different.

This is the advertisement my mother saw...

Politically Incorrect!

Dog Brindle


wenlaine said...

I remember the charcoal, Mike. It was a cork that mom put on a fork and burned it over the stove. Like a marshmallow. All I recall are the Halloweens I had to dress as a hobo and had the charcoal put on my face to look dirty. Sure wish we had some pictures of those days!

Rea de Miranda said...

Would have loved to see that Michael! Lovely post my friend.