Luckily, Your Boss Suffered From Nepotism.


There's a new job posted in the lunch room at work. They need someone to attach do-dads to thing-a-ma-gigs along side this row of huge gas tanks. The pay is twice as much as what you are receiving now and you haven't had a raise in three years. You have all the technical skills needed, infact more. You have been going to night school, just to learn how to attach these do-dads to thing-a-ma-gigs.  You were top in the class with straight A's and now have a diploma to show for it.  

You go over to the board to read further and find out where to deliver your application.  You're surprised it's in your very own department.  You have been on excellent terms with your immediate boss. Why hadn't he mentioned the opening to you?

Then you find out there are two other people interested in the job.  First, someone under you, who would never be considered.  He knows that and would never over-step his boundaries and when he hears you're interested in the position, backs down and doesn't apply.  

The other person applying is a new person, you've never met him but recognize his name. It's the same as the companies. Someone from outside the business but has connections higher up on the inside.  

You find out the connection is your boss's boss and it's his favourite nephew that you are competing with. He's green, right out of high school.

He gets the job.

You quit, get a new job with more pay and live happily ever after.

End of Story.

Oh, I forgot! Two months after you quit, the business blows up, literally explodes. A gas leak, in tank number five.  Three people are killed.  Your old boss, his boss and his boss's nephew. 

Luckily for you, your boss's boss suffered from Nepotism.  The practice among those with power or influence of favouring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs.  

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* The origin of the word Nepotism is from the mid 17th century, from nipote meaning nephew. (with reference to nephews of popes who in many cases were their illegitimate sons)

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Rea de Miranda said...

This happens in our insane government no less!