Kayla Bourque, Pet Killer - She lost her appeal from ever owning a pet!

Kayla Bourque filmed killings dressed in Goth

Kayla Bourque

Remember her?

The Pet Killer

Kayla Bourque, the 23 year old that has been described as an "affectionless psychopath" by psychiatrists. Likely to reoffend.

Don't let the pretty face fool you.  She's a killer!  

She has lost her appeal to drop the ban on her from owning a pet for life.

Plus she also has restrictions that prevented her from being around kids.  Plus she had to stay off the internet.

Lost all the appeals.

Meaning she won't reading this! Thank Goodness!

Can you imagine someone appealing, after being convicted and sentenced for... 

She disembowelled and dismembered her cat, Snowflake, in Prince George, March 20/10. 

Video taping herself hanging and skinning her pet dog, Molly which she narrated, explaining what she was doing as she performed the dirty deed.

She's wasting tax payers money. The legal costs! We are paying for this.  

She's not only guilty of being a pet killer, but she's fu----- everyone in the a-- wasting our money and time appealing. I wonder how much it cost for her to appeal?

This is when I start to boil.

It shouldn't have been allowed.  

I knew we'd be hearing more from Carla Bourke.  Once a pet killer always a pet killer. A person who is incapable of showing any empathy for anything living. I predicted it in my old blog about her.

Even though her appeal failed. She did not challenge a three-year ban clause found in her release condition.  


Will that mean in three years, she'll be able to own a pet?


This weirdo is a sexual sadist. Who gets off, on thoughts of aggression and torture, particularly on children and the weak.

This woman has also been charged with attempted murder when she tried to strangle a 12 year old kid.

She will need a life time of surveillance.

Not a pet!

Dog Brindle 

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Kayla Bourque: Woman who tortured animals loses appeal of probation conditions read: The Province complete story.


Rea de Miranda said...

She's a sick individual! Anyone capable of this is also capable of murder. I hope they will keep their eyes on her forever!!! It sickens me to imagine humans like this exist.

Anonymous said...

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