It's All About Blogging - Writing Enough - Too Much - Too often?

Have I written enough?  
You've got two lines written down. Have I written too much?  Do you need two or three pages? How often? Am I too frequent? Am I regular?

As bloggers we all go through this dilemma.

You sit back and scan your post.
You check the punctuation.
You check the word count.

You wonder, "have I told everything that I wanted to say?"

You think so...

Then you add a few more details.

"Say what you want to say and when your done, see what it looks like"

Don't stress yourself out.  There is no exact length a blog post has to be.
It could be from 10 words to five thousand words.  I wouldn't suggest making one that long but...
As long as you are happy with it and you think it gets your message out, by all means post.

Don't expect people to sit and read through it.  Blogs are meant to be short and sweet.  Plus no one wants to read a lengthy article on a computer.

You might consider splitting longer posts into a series of short posts.

The key to building an audience is not the length of your post but the frequency and quality of your posts.  

The number one question asked.  How often should I post?  Try 3 a week at first, build to once a day, then take it from there.  The skies the limit.

Remember, use a lot of white space.

Post it, they will Come.

It's all about blogging...

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Mike Raven said...

like it, nice post :)

Anonymous said...

Really? Three posts per week?? I have enough just posting something worth reading once a week.

Laurie M said...

I follow this theory. I post about every two days and I kerp them short and to the point and it seems to be working. Thanks wonderful post :) i would appreciate it if you would check out my blog and give me your opinion thanks

Michael Estey said...

I've had a look +Laurie M. You have a great looking page. Good work. If I were a female i'd join your site, but I don't wear make-up. Thanks for your comment, much appreciated. Keep up the good work.

Michael Estey said...

Thanks Mike, glad it was of interest to you.

Michael Estey said...

lol how about three a day. lol

Onyeka Alaku said...

I figured this out pretty much on my own by trial and error. I have more readers/viewers. Happy me! Thanks for sharing!