It's All About Blogging - Finding My Voice - Branding Myself

The Blog Police read me my rights. 
I mean my blog 
and tell me... 

"Find Your Voice." 

Your Tone !!!!!

"What does it matter," I ask?

"It's all part of Branding," The Blog Police say.

I clicked through my old posts, to investigate.

Do I sound like Dog Brindle? 

The miserable senior, that thinks he knows everything.  

The person I want people to believe him to be.  

Of course I'm really not Dog Brindle, 
(totally made up) 

There is no such animal.

He's the type of person I want to be 
when I write these posts.  
Using Dog Brindle's choice of words.  

What Dog Brindle would say?

His view on life.  

The name I'm trying to Brand, 


If I read Dog's posts out loud, 
Does it sound like Dog wrote them? 
Or me, Michael? The gentle lamb.

My voice is the tone that I use to write with, 
when I write a post, 
the words Dog would use.  

After all, no one wants to listen 
to a gentle kind lamb like me, 

 Everyone pays attention when a dog barks.
Don't they?

It's All About Blogging!

Dog Brindle


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