It's all about Blogging - Community Moderator, A Licence to Silence Anyone

It's seems moderators have more information on what, you can't do in their community, than what they can do for the community.

They are the Brown Coats of the Google+ Communities.  
And almost every community has one. 

How many times have you posted something in a community when suddenly?

Up pops a widget! 

It's a moderator from the community you just posted your blog on.

"Thanks for your Comments"  They say.


No self promotion! 

You should have put it here, under discussion, not under general. Sign in here, use your password, print in black...

You look at their list of topics:  

  • Bulletin Board
  • Photos
  • Personal Experiences
  • Community Guidelines
  • Feedback/Requests
  • Funny Stories
  • General Discussion
  • Introduce Yourself
  • Question & Answers
  • etc.
Just some of many, plus a few directions to follow:
  • updates
  • info
  • language
  • help
  • etc.

The Guidelines:

Keep the Community Safe.  They say.

I wonder how and from whom? Trolls? Spam?

They exist to keep it respectful.  

A simple delete button is what I use if it offends me.

Directs traffic to the most useful destination.  

You thought you hit the destination when you joined the community.

The moderator wants you to read the guidelines, all of them!  

You open the page.  

A list of 500 guidelines, that must be adhered to! Don't do this, read this, sign this etc. 

Just one of the things you have to deal with, when joining a community. So, check out their community guidelines etc. before you join. Then make your decisions.

Of course I understand the need for moderators, but thugs?

It's all about Blogging!

Dog Brindle


Martin Rice said...

Funny because it's so stupid of them. Sad because it's true. Good post!

Michael Estey said...

What's funny is I posted this blog to 5 blogging communities. They all agreed.
I posted in 1 moderator community and they at first rerouted it. Then decided to delete it, then a member of that community called me names because I said some moderators were brown coats. They cut me up, talking to one another. Personally attacking me. Makes me laugh.