I'm sitting in traffic, the HOV lane Empty! Houston we have a problem...

Do you know what bugs me...

High Occupancy Vehicles Lanes

Those  specially designed lanes for certain types of vehicles with a specified number of occupants, buses empty or not and carpools. 

Oh, how I would hate to commute in a car, by myself.

How many times have you driven on the highway during rush hour and sat in bumper to bumper traffic? Missed dinner or have been late for an appointment? 

Four lanes on each side, going east and west. Three lanes on each side, bumper to bumper, stop and go traffic, while one lane on the left, the centre lane is empty. On both sides. 

The occasional car, with two or more people stream by. Before you blink they're miles ahead. You're tempted but restrain yourself.

You look at the cars in your lane. A big shiny honking SUV pulls up beside you, one driver! The vehicle ahead of him, a single driver.  Behind him, a single driver. You look at the guy on the other side of you, sitting staring into your car, waving giving you the thumb-up, a single driver. You turn your gaze straight ahead.

You look over at the HOV lane, separated from the general traffic, marked with a huge painted triangle, signs overhead every few hundred feet.  Someone has sneaked into that lane, a single driver.  He's driving a Corvette and long gone.  You catch up to him five minutes later and he's pulled over by the highway patrol, you see he's being written out a ticket. You're glad you weren't tempted.

What a waste of money, having an HOV lane, you think! It doesn't get used enough. The other cars sit idling away wasting gas, in these times of conserving gasoline and oil. They say, that the HOV carries a lot more people than regular lanes. You don't believe it!

It's almost like the police have an instant cash grab. That's why it's never been changed back to a regular lane. 

Don't quote me on that!

Pro HOV'ers say; they move a greater number of people than a general lane, use less fuel and help in relieving congestion.  

I wonder where they got those statistics? Because as I'm sitting here in traffic, tapping my fingers listening to the oldies but goodies on the radio, looking out my windows, it doesn't seem to be working.

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