I'll have to write my next novel, on my Pet!

I'm wondering... do companies like Apple, or Microsoft give out things for us older folks to try. I've seen others who get things and blog or video blog about them, then get to keep them. In fact, I've heard of the bloggers giving away samples. A camera this, a charger that, how about a telephone. But they're generally younger, hipper, people. More connected. I don't buy it!

But all that is changing because more and more of us "ole folk"  are becoming less technically challenged and logging on. It's not just a trend!

What else have we got to do?

I'm dying, literally...
to try out a Mac Book Air.

It's on my bucket list as one of the things I must do before the tragic end.

 No. 3734   I MUST WRITE MY NEXT NOVEL ON A MAC BOOK AIR. The largest sceen available.

My eyesights not as good as it used to be.

Everyone has recommended it to me.

"Oh!" they say, "You need a Mac Book Air"

I frown. There's the problem.

I don't have one and like most of us old folk. Don't have the cash to lay out for another computer!  

My Pet may be slow, dial up and everything but... Until I write that best seller on a Mac Book Air you may have to wait for awhile.

Don't those companies realize, us "ole timers" are a fast growing market? That we're not just grandpa's and grandma's anymore. There's still a good lot of productive years left in us, yet!

As you can see, there is only 36 days left for my wish to come true. I believe one will be coming my way. Soon! It's waiting on some CEO's desk at Apple to make the decision to deliver it. 

I do believe!  

Dog Brindle

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