How to Treat Your Blog as Your Very Own Money Tree...

Need Money? 

Why not go to your blog, instead of the bank. Consider your blog as your very own money tree, and pick your own. 

Money that you've grown from seed!

How are you supposed to make money blogging? After all, blogging was supposed to be above all that, above making money, more an intellectual thing! 

That was then, this is now.  Rent has to be paid.

There are two ways:

1. Get paid writing for others.


2. Sell space on your blog. 

Either way, you can make a ton of money, or not. Depending on how much time and effort you put into it. Does the saying "Nothing Comes For Free" ring any bells. It applies to blogs as well.

Take 1 for example:  

A good direct way to generate income, you could go out and acquire a sponsor or do some writing for others, syndicate or sell goods and services through your blog. In this method you are using your god given talent to generate an income. If you choose this method then you have to create great content. 

Take 2 for example:  

The other way (indirect) to make money from your blog is to offer advertisements on your page. You supply the space and take your cut. This is the easy method, in terms of the actual work involved, but you just can't sit around and wait for the money to come rolling in.

Either way, you have to create great content, because if you decide to sit around all day and write, you better be rich, or already have a job that tolerates your blogging interests, or have no job but a blog and choose to make money from that. The choice is yours. 

For myself I chose the later. My tree is still a little sprout poking it's head out of the gound, but promises to become a big shady Oak.

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Marika said...

These are two good ways, however there are more than that. For example Adsense is another easy way to earn money and a blog with lots of posts and a ton of visitors can get you quite a nice "salary" every month.

Balazs Hende said...

It's true. I use Adsense ads as main network. However I will look for some affiliate networks too in future.

Michael Estey said...

It's the same old, same old with ad sense. If I see those fungus toe nails one more time... I'm gonna...