Getting Rid of "Ole Sailors" in Your Circles

As I mentioned in another blog "Don't Circle for the Sake of Circling"

The same applies when creating new Circles. "Don't make new circles for the sake of creating new Circles." 

You might regret it! 

Having too many Circles is one feature which needs a little improvement from Google's end. I don't know why, I just think the onus is on them. 

I just recently (after about a year) found the button that deletes a Circle once you've made one and no longer need it. It's in the Google+ ribbon at the top of the page.

Take my one Circle called, 

"Ole Sailors"

It has sat dormant for months. Not one sailor! I've never met a Sailor, nor do I want too! I just frantically made a hundred Circles when I first started, Sailor happened to be one. 

Don't ask questions!  ; )

I have other empty Circles that need tending. (especially in the friends category)

It's taken me a year—as I've mentioned, I'm not as computer savy as I look—to figure out that Google makes it simple to view and manage Circles, making it easy to move, remove and delete people from Circles even manage Circles themselves. All from the Google+ ribbon at the top of your Google page.

If you want to move a person around; use the drag and drop method from your Circles tab. It's so easy, even though it took the year for me to discover it. Grab the persons image and drag it to another Circle.

You can remove them by dragging their picture right out of the Circle. Puff they're gone! Be careful though. If that is the only Circle they were in, then they will be gone forever, you'll have to research them out again.  But, you might have put them into another Circle. So check that. He will still be there until you pull him out of that Circle also. I've Circled people twice, three times, accidentally and intentionally under different headings when suddenly the deleted person pops up in another Circle.

You can also edit and delete from this ribbon. Push the edit button, the Circles come up. Do what you have to do, Edit or delete! Again so simple. Why did it take me a year to find this out?

This is the best part.  Sharing.  

Go to your Goggle+ Ribbon and click share. Sharing is good when you have a specialized topic, that you want to share to other like minded people, things like food recipes, hobbies etc. Click the Circle you want to share, fill out why you want to share this circle, then specify who you want to Circle with, private or people in specific Circles. Don't forget to include yourself with every Circle that you share. 

Click Share and you're up live on your stream.

Feel free to add me to your "Friend" Circles.
Happy Circling,

Dog Brindle

For more info:  Google Find People and Create Circles


Rea de Miranda said...

Informative article Michael, I am still learning to navigate around G+

Martin Rice said...

Really informative, Mike. I still need to find my way around. For example, in the previous article when you wrote about going ape by adding so many (did you say 5K -- an exaggeration but indicative) I was wondering where you even found people to add. Still don't know. Anyway, thanks for these insights into Google+.

Jackson Davies said...

I'm sorry to hear it took you a year to find out how to do it this way. There isn't exactly a great instruction book with Google+ and you don't want to spend time going through the help. I have a circle with people who have no face on their profile called "No Facers". I always find that suspicious.