From "Grow Up" to "Act Your Age" to "You're Old." All in One Life Time!

I remember growing up. People were constantly telling me to "Grow Up." Stop being such a child. What a cry baby!  Your such a sissy.

It started when I was about five or six.

How old did they want me to be?

Then when I turned a teenager, people added something new, they started telling me to "Act My Age." At first it was a mixture, of "Grow Up" and "Act Your Age", until I did grow up then "Act Your Age" went solo, like there was a specific time to make the complete switch between "Grow Up" and "Act Your Age."  The jokes started flying.  Example:

Act your age not your shoe size!

Sometimes I would cry, I'm man enough to admit it, but most times, I secretly laughed. Thinking how silly those words are.  They really make no sense but it had such an impact. Especially, if you are young and trying to fit in.

That persisted up until I turned sixty.  

Now I laugh when people, still tell me to "Grow up," or "Act Your Age" but they've added another.  

"You're too Old!"  

I stopped laughing.

Most drop the 'too' and just say "You're Old."

I can't wait until my second childhood, when people go back telling me to, "Grow Up" or "Act Your Age." 

A lot better than, "You're Old."  

Don't you think?

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