Don't Circle for the Sake of Circling - Have a Plan!

I'm really green to all this social networking stuff! This is for beginners using the Circle features in Google+Circles

This was the first big mistake I felt I did when I first joined Google+. I filled up my quota of people within the first couple of days. Five thousand people. Circles coming out of my ying yang! Until I wasn't allowed anymore! There is a limit of how many people you can follow. 

I circled people that haven't posted a thing in five years. People that only spoke a foreign tongue that even translate couldn't translate. People I wouldn't give a cow's ass if we met in public. Half of them probably dead! The other half under fifteen. Why would I want to add people like that on my computer, to my site, taking up valuable space! I wasn't thinking. That space was meant for you...

The first thing you should do after signing up for Google+ is add people. That is what Google recommends. They tell you to add people you are interested in.  

There was the problem.

I find lots of people interesting.

Anyway... Google sets you up with four Google+ Circles to start with, then as your circles grow you can break them down and add more custom named Circles to suit more specific interests; e.g. Friends could become = Girl Friends and Boy Friends. Get the picture. Here's a description of what the first four circles are about:

  • Friends - In this circle, put people that you consider personal friends. People you know. This circle gets the most access to your account and your Google+ content. If you don't have any friends leave blank.

  • Family - This could be all your relatives. Sisters and Brothers, Aunts and Uncles, Mum and Dad.  Immediate family! You have to be a little careful in this circle. You might not want that brat of a brother to read something intended, say for your grandmother. Remember you can separate circles into more circles.  An example would be; Family on Mothers side and Family on Fathers side. If you don't have any family leave blank. 

  • Acquaintances - This circle could be tricky.  These may be people you may know but are not your friends.  You wouldn't call them up on the phone to chat, say. If they're not Friends or Family then they are Acquaintances; co-workers, classmates or the store clerk down the street.  This circle would be easy to make new circles from, just call them what they are, co-workers, classmates etc... I'm not losing anyone here am I? If you have never met another human being, leave blank.

  • Following - Simple, list here people you want to follow.  Experts, professionals, popular bloggers, me! That's 

Thanks for joining Dog Brindle Barks.  You could add me to your following, we could be acquaintances, even friends but no, I'm not your Daddy!

Happy Circling!  

Dog Brindle

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