Does Google+ Spy On People?

Stop before you fill out that profile.  Read Google+ Privacy Policy First!

Maybe , I'm just being paranoid! 

 I was just curious that's all!

Google+'s Policy Privacy page states that it certainly does collect data.  Information on all of us and uses it to provide better services.   

We all know the capacity of these super computers.

Let's first see what Google collects that could affect you!

Stuff you give them...

  • Your name
  • Address
  • Your telephone # 
  • Credit Card Numbers
  • e-mail Address
  • picture of yourself
They get this personal Information by encouraging you to fill out a Google+ Profile, not unlike any other web site such as Facebook, Linkedin, Skype.

Information Google+ get from you for using their services...

  • What web sites you are clicking on 
  • What ads you click on
  • The hardware you use, model # etc.
  • The operating system
  • Log in information
  • Your search queries
  • Details on how you used their services
  • Activity, hardware settings, browser type, language, date and time
  • Referral URL's
  • Any cookies to identify your browser or Google Account
All this information helps Google provide, maintain, protect and to improve our online experience.

Makes you wonder what else all this information could be used for. 

I trust Google and I hope they would never let that happen. At least without telling us first. 

Am I just being paranoid?

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For a complete summary of Google's Privacy Policy visit:  Google Privacy Policy Page

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Jasveena Prabhagaran said...

I regret using my name now because when I ''google'' for my name.... there you go.... every single thing is appearing there.. including the blogs I post my comments... I bet your blog will also show up after a few days if you google for my name because I have made a comment here!