Designated Driving Lanes & Electric Cars for the Future

Have you ever imagined what the world highway system will be like in the future?

Let's face it. Just as steam engines replaced the water wheel and the electric streetcar replaced the horse drawn tram. We are due in the twentieth century for a dramatic and completely new vehicle and highway transportation system.

After all what a waste of land-use and to survive will have to double its capacity without taking up anymore real estate. Impossible! Unless we have...

Designated Driving Lanes

and Electric Cars

The problem today with the system is there are to many different and mixed vehicles crowding the roadways. From oversized transports trucks to motorcycles, Buses, RV's, and single driver SUV's and pick-ups. 

There are no designated lanes except the HOV lanes for rush hour traffic, no designated lanes for faster cars, bigger vehicles, smaller, slower, local and passing thru vehicles.  

Horses pulling wagons couldn't get along with trains.  No matter how hard they tried. They lost out. We got rid of them. Trains carried more weight. Less maintenance, cheaper.

Now it's the gas engines turn to be scrutinized. 

No matter how much we idolizing them, love them, polish them and fill their bowels with gas and oil. We still will have to get rid of them to move ahead. So to speak. 

Electric cars are getting more efficient, faster and better looking.

Highways and roads are being better built with designated lanes which are thinner, measured by the inch suiting the sizes of the new electric cars.

New and creative ideas are being implemented daily,
GPS Systems, Delivery Systems, but until there implemented,  we're stuck driving in this unsafe condition.

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Reference:  A Handbook of Best Practices Cities and Cars.

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