Compare These Two Apples

I have found the Secret to 
"The Law of Attraction"

You have two apples; one in the refrigerator, hidden under some vegetables and one on the counter in full view for anyone sitting at the kitchen table to see.

Which one do you think gets eaten first?

I'm only guessing but I'd put my two cents on the one on the counter.

Which one would look the best, say in a week?

The one on the counter would ripen, catching some of the sun's rays coming through the window and morph from green to brilliant red, flaunting it goodness. Completing it's the life cycle, as was meant to be. It wouldn't be long, before it starts to rot, or someone eats it because it looked so delicious.

The one in the fridge!  Still in the cellophane bag it came in, looks like it was picked yesterday. We've even left it two weeks longer, forgetting all about it. It hasn't matured! It's cold, when it's cold everything slows down. It's still green and may last ten times longer than it's cousin sitting out on the counter. 

But what a lonely life, hidden under a lettuce leaf, also forgotten about, never knowing what it feels like to shine. Losing it's taste and becoming bitter. Fermented and old. One day to be discovered then tossed into the trash like a piece of garbage, limp, moldy and decayed. 

So, if you want to attract, put yourself out there and live life to the fullest. Don't be like the apple in the fridge, you are missing life. 

That's the Secret to "The Law of Attraction"

What do I know, anyway?

Dog Brindle


Rea de Miranda said...

I'm putting myself out there Michael ;)

Michael Estey said...

I've noticed and I'm sure a lot of other people have too! Feels good doesn't it!