Boopabilia - A lover of Betty Boop

I thought I'd talk about a cartoon character today, 
one in particular Betty Boop...

I know what you're thinking.

I feel comfortable talking about dolls,
I once knew a guy, collected Barbie Dolls.


I have no desire to own one. 

Doctors call it Boopabilia, a real psychological disorder.

...I think it means, an unhealthy relationship with Betty Boop. Wink! Wink!

Invented by Max Fleischer himself, an animator, at Fleischer Studios, NYC. She was modeled after a Helen Kane. I'm trying to understand the relationship between him and her. Was Betty Boop a replica of his girlfriend?

  Was Betty Boop, a real person? 

Helen Kane

She has appeared in over 100 cartoons, first appearing in 'Dizzy Dishes' which opened August 9th, 1930.  At first she was a dog character, a French Poodle, with floppy ears, and human characteristics... 

... A nice set of legs. 

Every man desired them. Cough!

She completely morphed into a human in 1931, when she played in 'Dizzy Red Riding Hood.' 

In 'Barnacle Bill' she was known as Nancy Lee. Besides cartoons, she's appeared in comic strips, a radio show and animated musicals. 

She has always been considered too sexy for her own good, so they took away her garter which she always wore on her left leg.  

But, due to public demand they brought it back!

What's Betty Boop without that garter?  

One of her movies was nominated for an Oscar that was back in 1938. She has played along side stars the calibre of Maurice Chevalier, Rudy Vale, Ethel Merman, Louis Armstrong and Cab Calloway. For some reason when she was in the movie 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' she was the only character filmed in black and white.  

She was one of the first women to reveal her underwear, to adoring fans and did the skirt thing way before Marilyn Monroe. Where she bends over the air grate on the sidewalk and her skirt blows up, revealing her panties! She'd done that, already!

There has been an array of different women that has supplied her voice, Annabel Little, Margie Heinz, Kate Wright and Bonnie Poe and her signature voice supplied by Mae Questel who also was the voice of Olive Oyl and Little Audrey, remember her. She had a  CBS television musical special in 1989 called Betty Boop's Hollywood Mystery.

She ran for President of the United States in 1980, anyone remember

"Don't be a poop. Vote for Boop!"


Do not mistake this collection of Betty Boop,

with Dog's Collection of Monster Cars.

Dog doesn't collect dolls!
Not that it matters.

Today over 500 companies manufacture licensed products around the world. 

Made into toys and dolls in the 1930's.

I've even heard of a party that goes on in New York where everyone dresses up like Betty Boop. That would be fun! 

 There is a perfume called "Betty Boop Party" by Parfums Paris Hollywood. 

She's been in Macy's parade numerous times.

Remember her boyfriend, Fearless Fred
No one knows what happened to him?

Betty Boop is presently doing gigs in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand and at Universal Studios.  She's had a documentary made of her life, on A & E Biography, and a record holder in the Guinness Book of World Records after leading the world's biggest choreographed dance routine. 

There's no stopping her.

I also found with a little research she invented things.  She invented the personal tape recorder, a mouse in a box and an instant spot remover which removed everything the spots were on.   Go figure!  

I wonder what she'll be doing next?

Dog Brindle


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