Armageddon by Sperm Count

Just when we thought the apocalypse was an imaginary fact along comes this new threat...

Armageddon by Sperm Count

It's a well known fact, Niels Skakkebaek a dutch scientist in 1992 went around the world to industrialized nations collecting and counting sperm.  During his study, an exhausted and sticky, "Ole Dirty Skakkeback" as his friends called him, came to the conclusion that almost half the sperm were dead, and half of the live sperm that were left, deformed.

Today's man may have the smallest balls in history.

This was backed by a scientist name Jarkko Pajarinen from Helsinki who studied five hundred pairs of mens testicles from 1981 to 1991.  In 1981 men contained 56% healthy sperm, in 1991 men contained almost 26% healthy sperm.  Something he also found which may shock a few of us is that today's man may have the smallest balls in history, more embarrassing than frightening.

But how could the population of the world keep increasing if this were true.  It has been determined that within our life time, if this trend continues the human species will become infertile in our life time.
Infertile means a sperm count of less than 20 million per milliliter.

What is causing this?

A study by scientists from around the world found the reason all this happening is because of the Earth's water supply (Water Pollution).  Our water has an unusual high anti-androgen level, which block testosterone receptors in males.  

I know you are going to ask how did our waters get so polluted with anti-androgens? The answer is all the medications humans take, which eventually comes out as human waste. We are literally peeing infertility.  Tests in these waters show living male fish are becoming feminized, or spontaneously changing sex.

Should we start to worry again over this new threat...

Armageddon by sperm count.

the end of the world as we know it.

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It sure will help with overpopulation!