10 Things Some of Us "Ole" Folks Just Love...

10.  We love little kids...

Preferably unrelated and ones that go home when the visiting is over.

9.  We love taking baths and showers...

Alone or with someone else.

8.  We love our pets.

Sometimes it's the only family we have or want to have.

7.  We love to dance.

Even though our partners have two left feet.

6.  We love picnics

A blanket and a bottle of wine, or two, or three.

5.  We love park benches.

Where we can sit and gawk at all the young stuff we're missing out on.

4.  We love lucky charms.

The more charms on our bracelets the better. So you can hear us coming.

3.  We love our old rockers and front porch swings.  

We'd swing and rock wallowing-away the evening hours.

2.  We love lemon-aide.

A shot of gin or vodka helps. Ice? Yes, please.

And the number ten spot on the count down... 

10.  Bingo, Casinos, Food Fares and the new rest stops at the local mall.

Dog Brindle

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