Yikes! A Clown Stalking the Town of Northampton, England. Scary!

I'm 63 years old. My worst nightmare as a kid was a clown hiding under my bed. 

I still look under the bed before I go to sleep. Sometimes I check the closet.

I remember as a kid, trembling, in the dark, shaking so much, I shook the bed. I swore a killer clown was under it.

I turned on the computer today, and read an article about the clown that is terrorizing the town of Northampton, England! 

It stalks the streets at night.  Creepy scary white pancake make-up. Bald head, red wig and ugly teet. People have stated it was a duplicate of the clown "Pennywise" in Stephen King's horror film, "It". He's been spotted all over the town. On dark empty streets. During the day, on busy corner's carrying a bunch of balloons. Doing nothing but standing there staring. Even hiding in sewer drains and scaring children.

The sighting's started last Friday the 13th.  Photo's have been taken of him, but he has evaded the police. One article stated he was posting cryptic notes on Facebook telling what area he'll be in next.

One reported case. Someone answered their doorbell late in the evening. Upon opening it, the Clown was standing in the doorway, offering to paint their flower boxes outside their windows, orange. The woman fainted. (not confirmed)

This is the man suspected of being the Northampton Clown but hasn't been verified. But the film was shot in Northampton back in May. Plus it shows the same garage doors as in the pictures posted on Facebook. Costumes are very similar. Scary! If it is, I'm very afraid.

Apparently, he's asking for it, people are well on their way to a lynching.  Some young teenagers have posted on Facebook they were going to bunch the shit out of him, if they ever meet up with him. I'd call that "Clown Bashing".

I think I'll be looking under the bed tonight, even if I'm 63 years old.

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Rea de Miranda said...

Is that all he does? We can go crazy places with a story like this. However we don't want to fuel him. Rather create another character. Truth can be weirder than fiction .

Tim Clark said...

After checking under the bed, don't forget to look in the closet.