"We are in no immediate danger. Does this new group pose a threat to society?"

Don't look now but there's a new, up and coming world group on the Horizon. 

"The Freeman-on-the-Land" or "The Sovereign Citizen or "Natural Persons Movement," or "Lawless Citizen.  

Led by a guru named Dean Clifford from Manitoba who preaches "Common Law"

I guess they haven't settled on a name yet.  They don't affiliate themselves as the FLQ type, or relate to the German Brown Coats. (Nazis).

  • They don't pay income tax.   
  • They drive without licences.
  • Sometimes distribute there own licence plates and insurance.
  • They carry guns.
  • They are confrontational.
  • They are uniting with First Nations Indians under the "Sovereign Squamish Government." A big red alert!!!!!
  • They are recruiting their own police force, appealing for Canadian Common Corps of Peace Officers. Meaning they wanted trained weapons experts. Another big red alert!!!!
  • Many have been convicted of crimes.
  • As many as 30,000 members and growing.

The movement stems from them feeling the government is pushing them around and they are sick and tired of it so are rebelling.

Dean Clifford 

RCMP have them under surveillance, resulting in the occasional outbreak of violence.  

They claim to be peaceful.  But, I think we should keep one eye focused on them in the future. 

The United States considers them a terrorist group. With a huge white supremacist following.(300,000) 


Dog Brindle

More info on Sovereign Citizens Movement.

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