The World's Oldest Message Found in a Bottle. Off Vancouver Island.

A Message in a Bottle.

Remember the song, "Message in a Bottle" a 1979 hit by The Police.

Well, today a Courtenay man,  Steve Thurber a treasure hunter made such a discovery.

He was walking along Schooner's Cove in Tofino on the island,  Monday in an area the Parks Board were using as a project to control invasive species, when he spotted something in the sand. A bottle. 

In the sealed bottle a note.  Instead of opening or breaking the bottle he was able to make out the note inside.  The message was dated, September 29, 1906 and signed by Earl Willard,  who was sailing from San Francisco to Bellingham aboard the Steamer, "Rainier" when he threw the bottle over board into the ocean after 76 hours north into the voyage.  

One hundred and seven years ago.

With a little research the boat was found to be on a regular schedule. 

This makes this find, the oldest message in a bottle, ever found according to the Guiness Book of Records.  The last bottle to beat was 97 years/ 309 days.  This beats that record by a decade.

The odds of finding a bottle like this, a billion to one.

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Rea de Miranda said...

This is just amazing!! After so many years.