The Ideal Canadian Male - A white, God fearing, Gun-totin', Law Abiding Biker. Why does he leave a bitter taste in your mouth?

The Ideal Canadian Male

This is him...

The man never left his name. Just a picture.
It might not even be him, who wrote the email.  
Someone pretending.  Agitating.

Apparently this is the ideal man. I've received many e-mails from women who tell me they have found the man of their dreams. He's sending an email to every Canadian in his data base. By the millions.

He states he's:

An NDP, a Tory, and a Liberal's nightmare!
He's white! A tax payer. 
A Master Mason who works hard and long hours 
Using his hands to earn a living.

A Gun totin' Gun Owning, Biker.
A Harley Davidson Enthusiast. 
A Canadian Vet.  That's him!

He's not a Bible pusher but believes in God.
He feels you can pray to whom ever you want!
As long as you don't force your opinions on him.

He buys Canadian, first!
His money is his and he doesn't want to share it!
He forgets there are some people who can't work.
Then again, he says he's in touch with his feelings.
Don't mess with him, because he likes it that way!

He doesn't hate the rich!  
Nor does he pity the poor.

Being a minority entitles you to nothing.
So get over it!
You're not a victim, nor noble.

He has heroes.
Malcolm Forbes, Bill Gates, John Wayne,
Babe Ruth, Roy Rogers and

Willie G. Davidson
(the maker of the Harley Davidson Motorcycles)

Duh! He knows wrestling is fake.
He doesn't waste time watching it, or debating it. 

He says he never owned a slave or been one.
Oops...had one.

Nor burned any witches.
Nor been persecuted by the Turks.

He tells me neither have I.
Have I?

He says if I don't like things the way they are:

To get the fuck out!  

Go back to where I come from. Don't come here and try to change my country!

This is Canada

He says, Canada is not Russia or China 
or any other Socialist Country.

Stop trying to change it!

Even, if you were born here.  
If you don't like it you can leave, too!  
Go to any country that will have you.
He also thinks cops have a right 
to pull you over if your breaking the law.  
Racially profiled or not.

He wants the cops to leave bikers alone???

"Bikers are Good People," he says.

He likes the word 'Canada' written on paper money.
and loves seeing his face on his driver's licence.
If no one else does.

He doesn't want you to vote, 
if you don't know how our government works.  
He doesn't want you deciding who should be running our government for the next four years, 
if you don't know what's what!
A Canadian Flag the only flag allowed.
English the only language.
If that makes him a bad Canadian, 
then he's a bad Canadian.  

If you're a bad Canadian he wants you to forward this
to as many people as possible.
He wants his country back!
And doesn't give a shit who he offends
nor cares if he targets illegal aliens.
He cries that his grandfather watched 
his friends die in World War I
His father watched as his friends died in WWII

He's had enough!

He's standing up for the hundreds of thousands 
that have died fighting wars for Canada.
and wants every Canadian to stand up for Canada.

He denies this is a racist message.

I was aghast when I read the bottom line.

If you don't forward this for fear of offending someone, 


Then he tells all Canadians to


Canadians, stop giving away Your RIGHTS ! 
Let me make this clear! He says. 


This statement DOES NOT mean I'm against immigration! he says.
but please: 
Get a sponsor! Learn English! Live by our rules!
Get a job! Pay your taxes! Expect no handouts!

What do you think of the guy? Afraid to leave his name, no return address, just a request to pass the email along. I honestly don't see what women see in him. I don't think he is an example of the Ideal Canadian Male. You women out there in cyber land are crazy to fall for a bigot like him. People like him scare me and should you. Who does he think he is?

Dog Brindle

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