The Development - John Barth - Book Review


What a nightmare.

The Development is collection of short stories about a certain gated housing community on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Chesepeak Bay. Called Heron Bay Estates.

The community has strict codes, made up of mostly retired, white, middle income WASP folk.  They have concerns about the gate.  For reasons left up to you, whether to keep people out or keep themselves in.

The first story, "Peeping Tom". (My personal favourite). It causes such a fright! No wonder he opens with it.  
The second, "Toga Party." What could go wrong?
There are nine short stories in total. All with funny twists and outcomes, but none as good as "Peeping Tom" John Barth makes his characters come alive on those pages.  

One of the problems I had. I got lost, who was who, there were just too many characters to remember?  So many introductions.

I enjoyed this book. But, John's writing style, "jumpy at times" left me a bit confused about who we were talking about, or who was even talking at times. I had to re read paragraphs strickly for this purpose, making what should have been a fast read into a long read. 

I give this book four stars .   ****
I'm sure most can relate.

For more info: John Barth

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