Someone posed the question... What Things do the Elderly Buy?

Retailers will have to up their game to to win sales from the over-55s. 
Photograph: Martin Godwin for the Guardian

Five years ago ...

Someone with the handle Tough Love Ranger posed a question to seniors.

He was composing a list of things that old people seem to buy, over other things. Consisting of things that are stereotypical for old people to buy. 

He started off the list with... Bird Feeders for their garden.  

He wanted people to add to the list and got this usual response. Things you would expect like; Depends, Ensure, Ben Gay, Denture Cream. Metamucil, prunes, walkers, canes, jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzle books, yarn, cinnamon rolls. Arizonia green tea, slippers, corn pads and Old Spice. You've heard them all but there were some that stood out like:

  1. A Lot of medicine, to much medicine. Tums, Dr. Scholl's, Bandaids. Hearing aid batteries. Laxatives, Bran. Why?
  2. Anything to makes them look younger. Bathroom stuff! Shampoo's, Soaps, Scents, Creams. 
  3. One lady stated she bought groceries, that was all she could afford. 
  4. While others bought luxury yachts, beach front retirement properties, golf clubs. Fancy hats!
  5. Riding Lawn mowers. Now, I never thought of that. I need one.
  6. Spot lights. No not for the reasons you're thinking. (for the house outside, to light up the walk so they won't trip and break a hip)
  7. Hard Christmas Candy. Are they still made?
  8. How many of us are still smokers? I gave up 20 years ago but I'm sure there are millions. Nobody mention that as a common thing old people buy.
  9. Or alcohol? Most of us love a nip now and then.  
  10. Or pot? I should have put that under medicine.
  11. Buick cars. Another, do they still make those?
  12. Crafty things, doilies, wash rags, cushions to sit on, hand made. Dusters and Dust collectors.
I was surprised by the number of old people that wrote in and complained to Tough Love Ranger that he was being an ageist. 

They were saying old people buy the same bloody things as young people. That young people buy bird feeders, too! That he was discriminating. He had the nerve!!!

One person complained there are things old people need, Not just want! She was mad. 

A guy said he worked all his life, made a ton of money, and will buy whatever the hell he likes.

After looking at the list, I had to sit back. Realizing we seniors are big players in this game of life. A demanding force unto itself that will soon have to be addressed and reckoned with. 

Grey power! Grey power!

Us older folks keep the economy in check. We keep the youth employed making things for us old folk, as we relax and watch the world go by.

It's a great time to be getting old, don't you think!  Let's go shopping... 

Don't forget, Buy "Made in Canada."

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