Rock Hudson with that Infamous Kiss. A Kiss That Stirred A Nation Into Action to Find a Cure for AIDS

There is probably no kiss more infamous...

Rock Hudson, a leading man. An actor.

Born Roy Harold Scherer Jr. November 17, 1925.

We all remember Rock Hudson as a major star in the 50's and 60's, playing opposite Doris Day, then McMillan & Wife on television and the soap opera, Dynasty.

He died on October 2, 1985.  

Cause of death.  AIDS related illnesses.

Some of us remember the episode with that infamous kiss.  Between him "Daniel Reece" and Linda Evans, "Krystle Jennings Carrington." 

He was only 58 but looked ninety eight.  He died shortly after. 

There was a big hullabaloo over that kiss! Talks of suing. 

Was Rock Hudson, killing people?  

Kissing passing on the HIV virus?  Little was known then about the disease.

Was Linda in danger of getting AIDS?  Were all gay people in hiding?  Was it the "GAY" plague!

All his adoring fans, he lost over night.  People panicked!  He sealed the coffin shut by becoming one of the first Hollywood Stars to come down with the disease, denying it until the final stages when it couldn't be hidden any longer.  Others, like Liberace, also in the closet until his death, fought earnestly to protect themselves from something they and Hollywood executives feared.  Afraid everyone would hate them because they were homosexual. A commodity!

I always wondered why he put himself out there like that, on television. Was he fulfilling contract obligations?  Was he in self-denial? Publicly, Rock Hudson was in the closet, but had been known as a practising homosexual since I can remember. For whatever reason it didn't help the cause at the time. 

I remember the headlines,  July 25, 1985 which gave  HIV/AIDS a global spotlight.  

Rock Hudson Diagnosed with AIDS. 

It was the hardest thing his publicist, Yanou Collart had to do.  Show him the press release, the look on his face. He decided right then and there to come out of the closet, 

"That's it, it has to be done." 

Rock Hudson with that infamous kiss. A kiss that stirred a nation, into action to find a cure.

Dog Brindle

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A Long said...

Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive!
Sir Walter Scott~Marmion, Canto vi. Stanza 17.

Dog, it is a sad world we live in. People always afraid to be themselves. What would the world be like if this what not so?