Relative Truth and Absolute Truth - Both Believable When Put in the Context of Time with Knowledge!

"To say of what is,

that it is not, 

or of what is not,

that it is, is false;

while to say of what is, 

that it is, 

and of what is not, 

that it is not, 

is true." - Aristotle

What's the difference between Relative truth and Absolute truth? Besides one being Relative and the other Absolute. Aye! What the hell! I had to look it up.
Let's tackle what a relative truth is, in layman terms. A Relative truth is the point of view, having no Absolute truth or validity.
An example would be this, Marco Polo said to a sailor one day... 

"If a man walked far enough he'd fall off the edge of the earth."    

A Relative truth.  But... at one time, that statement would have been considered an a Absolute truth. Everyone believed the world was flat! They were taught that! Why? Because no one ever returned from the opposite direction until Magellan left home and returned from the east while everyone was waiting for their return, looking west. Can you imagine their surprise?

Why would they think differently? 

So, up until that time it was a relative truth. You can laugh now but people swore it to be the Absolute truth. They never ventured far from the coast, because this Relative truth was an Absolute truth to them. They'd fall off! They believed it! There was no physical proof, just tales left of sailors taking chances, sailing too far, never returning.  What happened to them?  They fell off the edge of the earth. Of course!

Now, what is an absolute truth?  An Absolute truth is a universal logic that is understood universally, and understood as in opposition to Relativism. In other words, they have the facts to uphold it's validity.

An example would be. 

The earth was thought to be flat. 

That's an Absolute. No one disputes it. We know that the earth isn't flat. Infact, you'd sound pretty silly trying to convince someone that it wasn't the Absolute truth. But at one time it was a Relative truth.

Don't get confused!

Both a Relative Truth and an Absolute Truth are believable when you put them into the context of time and knowledge.

I've come to the conclusion that Time and Knowledge play a huge part, in whether a statement can be a Relative truth or Absolute.   

I shouldn't have smoked that joint! 

Now, I'm hungry. Off to the kitchen! I remember seeing a quart of vanilla ice cream in the freezer, and some chips in the cupboard...

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