Protect yourself when talking in Public - Mobile Hand Held Device Theft on the Increase

Protect your Cell Phone from theft

Hang on to your cell phones, I-pads, Kindles, Blackberries, anything that's hand held. There's been a rash of thefts lately.  

I heard this on the news this morning...

Two brazen teenagers walked into a Cell Phone Store the other day, one with a gun the other a big knife. They tied up the employees then went in search for the new I-Phone 5 that just came out. To their dismay they only found one. They are in such high demand and hard to stock. I couldn't imagine the terror those employees endured.  A kid with a gun!

There's a another type of theft on the increase that I want to address.

Cell Phone Theft While Riding City Transit as You're Talking On the Cell Phone

Increase theft on Skytrain 
People riding public transit, (Skytrain, city buses) have reported standing near the door, looking at their address book on their I-phone.  The train comes to a stop. As the last person disembarks, he grabs the phone right out of the unsuspecting victim's hands. The door closes and off goes the train, before the victim has time to react. Leaving them phoneless, no doubt screaming and the culprit, walking away as if nothing happened. On camera or not.

New gadgets and phones in the future are to going to be installed with a kill switch, rendering them virtually useless.  Good idea!

I've even heard of installing a stun gun feature. Not a bad idea, either! 

Something needs to be done. A guy needs his cell phone with his address book.

Watch and see how it's done, takes a second!

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