Officer! Officer! Arrest that Old Man for Driving his Wheelchair Without a Licence.

You don't need a driver's licence to drive a motorized wheelchair in British Columbia.  Vehicle registration, licence plates and insurance are not required.  You can drive them on sidewalks or on the road following the same laws as pedestrians.

One stipulation: You have to be physically disabled to operate one.

If the Provincial Government has it's way, the days of the unregulated motorized wheelchair, will soon be over. They're not stupid!  They know a cash cow when they see one. There's talks going on about legislating them.

Sidney Mayor Larry Cross over on the island is having: so such a proposal. To licence wheelchairs and/or the users. His argument, there's two many motorized wheelchairs using our public sidewalks causing accidents.

Just another cash cow! The Canadian Government screwing the poor. Chances are, if you're in a wheelchair you are on disability and can't afford another cash grab by the government.

Bad enough, they're raising the price of the 649 Lottery ticket. Another cash grab by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, and another blog. 
Everyone's hopeful retirement plan!

Then, there's a chance in the future when the manufacturers are able to make wheelchairs go over the speed limit. The cops will be out, in full force, setting up road blocks at Christmas, hiding around corners and behind mailboxes, radar gun in hand, waving in, unsuspecting speeders, dolling out tickets.

Plus, there's a good chance the driver might be under the influence. You know how much us old timers love our pot and booze. Different topic. Ticketing motorized wheelchair users while under the influence.  Another blog. Watch for it!

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Rea de Miranda said...

Dear lord! What next? Pot and booze, can't wait for that post Michael LOL