I Burn Toast, My Smoke Alarm Goes Off. Constantly!

Think, think, think...

The other night two people died in this house-fire here in Surrey. An older couple, he 75, she 77. They lived in the house for the last 24 years.

When I'm cooking toast in the toaster, my alarm goes off. When I'm cooking using the oven, my alarm goes off. When we have guests over and we are smoking a little pot, the alarm goes off. It's loud!  

That's okay, at least I know it's working.

Did they have smoke detectors

installed and were they working?

It's too early to determine. By-standers and neighbours never heard one. It was the crackling of the fire, screams and the windows being blown out that woke the next door neighbour.

If they did have fire alarms, why didn't they go off?  

  • Smoke detectors are devices that detect smoke. Smoke being a good indicator of fire.
  • They produce a loud, audible noise when detecting smoke.
  • Housed in a disk-shaped plastic enclosure and work either/both by optical detection (photoelectric) or by physical detection (ionization) high on a ceiling or wall.
  • Operated by single disposable batteries and should regularly be checked for life and replaced every year.
  • The whole smoke detector should be replaced every ten years.       

THE REASON Why they don't go off!

A lot of people take out the batteries from their smoke detectors after they constantly are being set off, from cigarette smoke or cooking. It becomes irritating and that's the easiest solution.

That's the problem! Disconnected batteries.

35% of fire-deaths in BC are individuals over 65.  Seniors are at higher risk than the general public, especially if bed ridden and/or hard of hearing. 

Check your smoke detectors and make sure they are working. You never know! 

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Rea de Miranda said...

I don't have smoke detectors installed, but with all the pot smoking going on here at times it will constantly blare.

Alexander Landrum said...

I feel sorry for those who lost their lives in the fire. I disagree with disconnecting the batteries, I would rather have the irritating noise than risk not being informed of a fire. You can try fanning the smoke under the alarm to blow it off. Alexander @ AccessSecurity.com

Greg Marcus said...

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