Hirsute Women - Donning Beards - It's Time To Accepted Them.

Lady only known as Mariam

Women with Beards...
They are not freaks. 

I am not a man, I'm not an animal, I am a human being, I am a woman!

I tweeked a John Merrick quote, just for this blog.

Mariam 49, a German woman, interviewed on This Morning, started growing a beard 28 years ago, after the birth of her son. Her sex life has never been better and she says she has no plans of ever shaving.

Joesephine Clofullia

A different time. The freak show attraction. The world of entertainment. P.T. Barnum's 'American Museum.'  The most famous Josephine Clofullia.  

There was Lady Olga, no! Not Lady Gaga. Lady Olga (Jane Barnell) she sported a thirteen inch beard, toured in circuses. She married four times!

Jennifer Miller

Right up until now, with Jennifer Miller. A juggler and fire eater. I don't see this hair thing becoming a mad trend, amongst women.  

But then again. Here comes Julia Roberts with her hairy arm pits.  You can't tell me she isn't hot!

Then there's everyone's grandmother!

I have nothing against women with beards. I don one myself.

It's time to accept them. 

Dog Brindle

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A Long said...

Hey, Dog, love any woman who dares to be herself. I especially love Lydia!