Get a Henna Tattoo Before the Real Thing! True story!

As you age it's hard to keep up appearances...

Have you ever thought of getting a tattoo? 

I did, once. I had always wanted one, thinking it would look good on me.  
Everyone else was had one. Why not me?  

I was in Puerto Vallarta, in Mexico, vacationing. Relaxing in the blue chairs, under a palapa.

Mexican merchants were scouting the beach selling their wares. Blankets, fish on a stick. Hard workers. Poor children, flipping single paks of Chiclets, for a peso.

This was back in the late 80's. I was younger. Had bigger biceps.

Along comes this teenager and he stops in front of me. A bag of supplies under his arm.

"10,000 peso, tattoo," he says.  "Not very much moonie!"

I looked up. He was selling henna tattoos.  

What a great idea, I thought. I fumbled through his catalogue. I chose a ring of barb wire that encircled my bicep. It seemed to be a popular design at the time, and I wanted to fit in. He applied it right there on the beach. The whole process took fifteen minutes. It didn't hurt and wasn't going to last. Two weeks at the max.

Well, turns out the tattoo turned out great. But it just wasn't me. I thought I looked silly. Trying to look tough. Barb wire? Who was I trying to kid!

I couldn't wait for it to fade. I'm sure I heard a few snickers. I'm sure someone kicked sand in my face when they passed. I thought of Charles Atlas, my hero as a child. The rest of the vacation, I spent wearing a tea-shirt to cover it up. 

That Mexican boy saved me from years of painful treatments to rid myself of a real tattoo if I had gotten one before the henna one.  

My advice if you decide you want a tattoo. Get a henna one exactly like the one you want and where you want it, before getting the real thing. You may have different thoughts.

It's hard to keep up appearances, the older you get!

Dog Brindle

for more info check out this site: Henna Arts.

Watch video on how one is applied.

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