Gerontophilia - The young wanting to have sex with old people.

Veronica walking away on the beach.

(re-creation photo)
 Actress, Ms. B.N. Around, portraying Veronica in photo  
Steve was nineteen when he first noticed Veronica coming his way walking along the beach, wearing a skimpy baby blue bikini. He took off his sunglasses and sat up on his blanket. 

He winked and nodded to her as she passed. Holding the suntan lotion up for her to see, he wanted to ask her if she wouldn't mind applying some to his back, much too shy to come right out and ask her.

She smiled, flirting back, tossing her long blonde hair over her shoulder. Her cap, much too young for her, so cute, almost coming off. She kept walking. 

He picked up his telephone and took a picture of her. To download later, when he was alone. 

He eyed her as she disappeared behind the blue chairs, debating whether to follow. He decided to follow.


I'm not making this up. There are young people, girls and boys that like old women and old men. It has a name, "Gerontophilia" and refers to having sexual preferences for the elderly, seniors and old farts like me. 

I guess that throws the age old adage

"Never date anyone under half your age plus seven."

into the garbage. 

Thank-you Jesus!  There is a god!

Dog Brindle 
(an old fart, I repeat an old fart.)

I made this story up. There was no beautiful girl in a blue bathing suit walking on the beach.  It's true about Gerontophilia. Not to be mixed up with Gerontophobia the fear of old people, nor Hugh Hefner of Playboy fame, and his lust for young women. 


Chris Blackmore said...

I'm 64. Is that too young to attract an 18 year old gerontophiliac girl?

Michael Estey said...

Your never too old. lol Good luck finding one.

De McClung said...

And then there is hebophilia. Oddly enough the word, which means: love of teenagers, is rarely mentioned these days. And, practically never shows up in a modern dictionary. Since the word does not fit the current Mindbender's agenda of twisting the meanings of words to suit the Socialist Collective Agenda, it simply gets swept away from existence. Like it never existed. Like it simply doesn't exist anymore. Words mean what they mean. Human Nature is what it is. Manipulating the language will not change it. Creating hysteria by promoting delusions is wrong, it is demented. Practically every male over the age of 12 is a hebophile. Just because the mindtwisters are hard at work to change the Nature of human beings by manipulating the language and twisting the truth to satisfy their lust for power over people doesn't make it right. Doesn't make it true.

Michael Estey said...

I think it has a lot to do with labelling people. Man is compulsive, in his need to make lists and categorize things. You're right, it doesn't make it true.