Free Parking Being a Misconception.

The day of the free parking spot has ended. No more taking those cherished places for granted.

Remember when malls had acres and acres of free parking. 
Free being a misconception.  Because we all know 
nothing is free.

Hotels advertise free overnight parking for guests.  
Shopping malls in suburbia offer free parking while you shop.
Offices and business, free parking in the rear. 

The largest is The West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton Alberta with 20,000 parking stalls.

20,000 parking stalls @ West Edmonton Mall

However, someone is paying for it.
First someone had to purchase the land, 
to make the parking lot in the first place.
Then, someone had to pay someone to pave it.
Someone gets paid for painting lines on it.
And someone gets paid to sweep it with this big machine.
Then in the winter, someone hooks up there pick-up with a plow and they get paid to plow it.

Besides, there's lighting. Now that's a big bill. 
No one will park in a dark parking lot if there is a lit one.

Especially, women at night.

There's insurance, security, and maintenance. All costly.

Then, whoever owns it, gets slapped with property, sales tax.

Someone has to pay for it!

With all these costs, shopping malls and other businesses have no alternative but to pass the buck onto the tenants of the mall.

The tenants then pass it on to the customers in their pricing of the products they sell.

A hotel indirectly charges customers in the price of a room.

Unfortunately if you don't drive... 
There is no way you can recoup your money from the retailer, in the price of his goods. You pay for the parking lot, too!

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