Eat Less, Live Longer

There was a study done using rhesus monkeys. It suggested one good way to live to a healthy ripe old age was to...  

Eat Less!

A lot less!

The test lasting over 20 years. Using two sets of monkeys. One set received  30 % less calories than the other. They not only lived longer but had fewer cases of cancer, diabetes, and heart and brain disease. 

All the data collected demonstrate the caloric reduction slows aging in primates.

The only disadvantage, this near-starvation diet isn't very attractive or appetizing to hungry people.

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Anonymous said...

The test took 20 years and cost millions of taxpayer dollars and does not apply to humans. ( Probably) I eat what I need and like. When I am still eating, I am still alive. I say to these researchers, piss off.