Do it yourself Beauty Treatment and Plastic Surgery - Pass the Mazola Oil

Hang Mioku, a once promising Korean model and singer, now 50 was addicted to plastic surgery suffering from a psychological disorder.

Her first surgery started when she was just 28.  She moved from Korea to Japan and continued the process. She became obsessed with her looks and underwent many surgeries.

Once the doctors told her enough was enough and refused to give her more silicone injections she took matters into her own hands. 

After running out of Botox. She turned to the black market to obtain the silicone and emptied a whole bottle all at once into her face. Thinking that not enough, she reached for the next best thing, a bottle of Cooking Oil.  

She never explained why she thought cooking oil would be a good substitute.

The doctors became alarmed by the enlarging of her face.
Her own mother didn't recognize her she was so disfigured.

Her plight was aired on television, and she received thousands of dollars in donations to correct the damage done. But all in vain...

The damage was done, after removing 60g of silicone and oil and other foreign substances from her face and 200g from her neck.  She is left scarred and disfigured.

Now-a-days she wallows away the hours working in a used clothes shop named, coincidentally "The Beautiful Shop."  She's on the dole, and receiving sympathy handouts.

So Sad

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