Cleanliness is next to Godliness - Love Your Fellow Man

Here's an inspiring story...

A local Vancouver Island man, 
Howie Allan 
heads to the Royal Oak Burial Park near Victoria, B.C.
He's been doing it for over a year.  
No one has ever asked him to do it, 
he does it on his own.
Howie who is disabled and 
spends everyday cleaning headstones.
No pay, his own materials, his own time.

To date: Howie has cleaned over 3500 head stones out of 140,000.

He also adds a service to what he is doing, he will clean a stone of a dearly departed one prior to a visitation at no extra charge.

His father is buried there.  This year, his son was killed in an accident, overseas.

He had no money to bring his body back to Canada.

The funeral director, with her connections made it happen for him.

Two beautiful people. 

Dog Brindle


A Long said...

Nice post, sir!

Tim Clark said...

It is nice to read about people doing the right thing sometimes, thanks.

grif.pi said...

Reminds me of the B. B. King song, "One Kind Favor to Ask"......see that my grave is kept clean......

This is very inspiring.