CIBC False Misleading Racist Advertizing

I just happened to pick up a free copy of Canadian Immigrant. The British Columbia Edition. A magazine geared to the immigrant population. A new generation of nation builders. 

The British Columbia Edition?

I fingered through it, looking at the pictures and reading the headlines. I was surprised there were no images of Chinese people especially for a British Columbia Edition.  

Then I looked at the little coverlet on the front from ICBC Bank, offering a credit card with no deposit or credit history. The image on that coverlet, two smiling Muslims. Written over the top." 

"As our way of saying welcome to Canada."

What, the hell!

Did that mean Canadians born here are being discrimminated against?  I've never heard of one Canadian that got a credit card without a credit check.  I had to investigate, so I read further.  I looked for the small print.

Beside a little number 1.  A number so small you could hardly see.  It read:  

To apply for a credit card you must already have a CIBC product in good standing or a minimum household income of just $15,000.  

What the hell!

That means they've already gone through a credit check, or have a sponsor.

Poor and False advertising on behalf of ICBC.  A little racist, and excluding.

Shame the bank!  
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