A Noun - Something so simple yet so confusing...

I'm being careful here.  I don't want any English majors, getting in a huff!  Chewing me out, like they did when I was talking about adjectives and adverbs

When I suggested less is better. You'd think it was the end of the world. Sheesh!

Question: What is a noun?

Answer: A word other than a pronoun.

That helps!

It's used to identify any old such person, any place somewhere or anything, dead or alive.  A common noun, if used generally. A proper noun if you are talking about something specific.

Question: What is a noun phrase?

Answer: A word or a group of words that function in as sentence as a Subject, Object, or Prepositional

Getting tricky!

Take this sentence and find the noun subject and the noun object...

The men, just kids, really teenagers with acne, no more than little boys, danced with the young women, teenage girls, virgins, kids themselves!

men     /   danced with/    women
 Subject        Verb           Object


The men danced with the women.

Or is it the teenagers danced with the girls?
Or is it the men danced with the girls?
Or is it the teenagers danced with the women?
Maybe men danced with virgins?
Or the teenagers and the virgins?
Boys with girls?
Kids with kids?

I give up!  Let's move on to Verbs...

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