A Description of an Exclamation. Lights, Camera, Action!

Someone asked me; what is an Exclamation?

I thought about it. An exclamation, usually one word or a short phrase.
How could I describe a word or phrase that is a sudden cry or remark, that expresses surprise, anger, or pain? From the Latin "exclamare" meaning to shout out. This is how I explained an Exclamation, by using an example. 

The actors have taken their places. Their toes touch the tape stuck to the floor, indicating where they should stand. They've spent the whole morning going over their lines. 

The star, off right in the wings is at the ready, one hand on the curtain.  The house lights have dimmed. Stage hands, lean over rails, in cat walks high above the stage, adjusting sounds, whispering to each other, donning headsets and clipboards. The camera man, refocuses. A grip, adjusts a boom carrying a mic. 

In the green room, the headliners are pacing back and forth across the floor. No one sits down. Their palms sweating. 

The producers in black suits are standing in the control booth. G-men, arms crossed, sunglasses. Amid technicians sitting at consoles. 

The director lifts his arm, " Lights, Camera." All eyes turn to him. Everyone on the set, becomes silent. You can hear a pin drop.

The prop man runs on stage and moves a prop for a better angle. A vase with flowers. He runs back. 

The director watch's him.  He waits.  His arm drops.

he shouts.

The filming begins. The star pulls back the curtain and walks to centre stage...

That's the word I was looking for.  
An exclamation.


"That's an exclamation," I said.

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