50 Plump Dogs, Abandoned During a Thunder Storm...Were they destined for the crock pot?

"I've been saved!" PeeWee barked.

The other night, Aug 30/13... 50 small dogs were crammed into 20 small metal cages.

The weather outside terrible. A downpour, an electrical thunder storm. You could say it was raining cats and dogs.

38 scared small dogs, cramped in 20 metal cages. Stacked one on top of the other. Shaking, terrified. The only protection from the rain, a blue tarp. Abandoned at the gates of the Richmond SPCA. Discovered there when volunteers arrived for work.

Later, that night...

12 small dogs are abandoned at the New Westminster SPCA compound the same way, in cages under a tarp.

What happened? 

Did a puppy mill go under?  

All the dogs need, fixing.  Most are in healthy condition.

Did a vigilante save them from a restaurant's crock pot?

Who knows, maybe.  First, Check this out. Before making any judgments. Sickening. 

That's just speculating. The police are investigating...

Now, I hear today a cardboard box full of kittens, riddled with fleas turned up on the doorsteps of the Kelowna SPCA. Abandoned.  

What's going on? Where did they come from? Someone said, they saw a white van, leaving the scene.  

Like I said, the police are investigating...

If there is one good thing, to end this story, it is; I've heard all the dogs have gotten adoptive parents, since the call out for help!  Now, the kittens.  

Please donate to your local SPCA. Without their help these poor animals may not have had a second chance.

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