#295 on my bucket list of things to see. A UFO!

A long list.

Item #295 on my bucket list of things to see:

I want to see a UFO, like this one...

September 3, 1965.  Exeter, New Hamphsire.  2 a.m.

48 years ago today, I was fifteen!

I remember hearing it on the news.

Norman Muscarello, a young teenage U.S. Navy recruit, is walking on a country road (highway 150), coming home from his girlfriend's house. He is hitch-hiking and was about five miles outside of Exeter. There was hardly any traffic at that time of night. A car every five or ten minutes.  He was walking along when he saw five red flashing lights above a barn beside the road. The lights started to come towards him, he jumped into the ditch beside the road, the lights hovered overhead for a few minutes, as if looking for him, then disappeared into the woods on the other side of the road. It was huge, a black triangle with five red lights.

He flagged down the next passing car, luckily, someone he knew and they drove him to the police station. The dispatcher commented in his log the terrified and distraught condition the boy was in. An officer was dispatched to the sight. Officer Eugene Jr. who coincidently earlier that evening stopped a woman driving erratically who claimed, she had just seen a UFO with five bright red lights. 

Back at the sight, the officer and Muscarello, both saw the object again. They described it to be as big as the barn it hovered over, rocking back and forth. They could hear the animals in the barn, obviously agitated. Another officer was called.  He also witnessed it, before it flew off. He even drew his revolver, fearing for his safety. All three witnessed a B-47 bomber fly over shortly after.  There were five B-47 aircraft flying in the area, but the airforce denied any connection with the UFO.

The Airforce's explanation:  "Nothing more than stars and planets twinkling in the night sky."

That incident began a series of qualified unidentified UFO sightings officially deemed:

"the INCIDENT at  EXETER"   

It gained popularity and credibility because two Exeter police officers also saw it, a dispatcher and a supervising officer.

After this sighting, there have been many other sightings that have been thoroughly researched.  Most notable a close encounter at Pease Air Force Base which the air force tried to cover-up.

This incident "INCIDENT at EXETER," is still classified by the United States Air Force as unexplained.

It remains the best documented and publicized UFO sighting to date.

An example of the five red lights observed in the Exeter UFO Sighting. 

This sighting happened near Exeter, in Morristown, New Jersey, January 5th, 2009.

That's #295 on my bucket list. I want to see a UFO! 

It's not too much to ask, is it?  Just one. 

Like my mother use to say, "You want to much!"

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