You've written a book called the Bible and want to get it published!

A writers dilema.

Paul & Peter and Mathew submitting their manuscripts.

Rejection after Rejection. Should they self publish or go the more traditional route? Not invented yet!

Imagine the person or persons who wrote the Bible, trying to get their book published?  

Pen and Ink Done By Hand.

Back then, the only way to get a copy would be to chisel it by hand on the nearest rock. Seriously, the only way you could get a copy would be to write it out page by page. Pen and ink, by scribes, letter per letter, they didn't have typewriters or computers back then. It took years, and a steady hand, not to mention a lot of bucks. It only came in two languages, Hebrew and Aramaic. At first, the new testament was entirely in Greek. 

How much fun would that be? 

Sitting on a stool, all your life. Writing by candle light with a quill, down in the castle basement.

Lots of time to day dream. You can tell by the writing. 

"What an imagination" 

people said, at the book signing. I'm sure you would throw in your own slant, somewhere along the story line, if you were the author. Any sane man would!

Especially, when not to many people could read or write at the time. They wouldn't know the difference anyway.

You certainly wouldn't think you wrote the best selling book of all time, that would be read by trillions of people throughout the ages. Like a master piece by Michelangelo or De Vinci, but the authors long forgotten.  

There was more than one author. 

The total length of time to write the Bible took approximately, 1500 years. Started around the time Mose's walked the earth right up until John, who added his slant 65 years after Jesus's death. That's a long time, a lot can happen, alot of plots and characters. 

Now, I don't know about you but to me, that's a lot of rewrites, too. Draft after draft. What do the publishers say, "Edit, Edit, Edit."  Editors must be hard to find.  All the spelling and punctuation mistakes. 

The Vulgate the Official Bible for a 1000 years.

You end up 350 years after Jesus's death with a religious guru's (Jerome) version, the Vulgate which became the official Bible for a thousand years. In 1300 a guy name John Wycliffe translated that into English. One hundred and forty years after that, the New Testament was eventually translated from Greek to English. This one, became the first one to be printed on a press. In 1611 the King James Version hit the bookshelves. Many new versions have followed. In total, over 100 million copies of the Bible are sold each year.

I wonder if the original writers ever had writers block, or carpal tunnel syndrome? Did they have their own writing caves? We all have our own special places to write! Did they read and write by candle light, like Abraham Lincoln. 

So, writers! Don't give up your day job while you write your book.  Hopefully, it will become a best seller, too.  Have faith, miracles do happen.

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