When A Tail Fin, Made the Man. "Mine's Bigger Than Yours"

Tail Fins! Were they a status symbol for males? 

There was a time when you judged a man by the size of his Tail Fins not by the size of his shoe. Those were the days, the late 50's, the 60's and the early 70's, until the car manufactures conformed to the new merging compact design. Gas was becoming expensive, something had to be done. 

"The Land Yacht"

Cars were big, gas guzzling giants. Fins so high you couldn't see over them. Real chrome, not the fake plastic stuff they make now-a-days. Adding to the weight of the over all car.  

Trunks so huge, you could hide a body or two. It's been done! 

And the colors. 

A spare hidden under a carpet on the bottom. Every year, bigger and bigger.

Becoming a status symbol among the males of that generation. Comparable to shoe size, or the size of your nose. 

"Mine's bigger than yours!"

I'm not sure that's when this saying originated but it's a good guess.

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