Trolling - Inappropriate, Uninitiated, & Vulgar Online Behaviour

The more you engage in social networking, the more chances of meeting the dreaded Troll. 

Especially if you are elderly and new at the computer, with limited skills.  Don't let me scare you, let me explain.

The Troll

That's someone who surfs the net looking for something to bash.  Someone who enjoys acting rudely online just to get everyone's dander up.  Believe it or not... but some people are paid to go around bashing other people.  Especially, if you have a competitor with an online presence.  It goes on all the time. 

Here's an example of what I'm talking about:  

You've written that long awaited blog and have just posted it up on the web for everyone to read.

You are Gay, are in a choir group, attract tons of traffic to your site, about music. Your group has had a phenomenal summer season, many successful engagements. Many good, happy experiences and you want to share them on Facebook or Google+ and other like social programs. 

This is when the Troll enters the picture. He adds a nasty comment like, Faggots sing in hell.

World War III has broken out on your site!

You're immediate instinct is to verbalize your feelings towards this guy. Others defend your position. Before you know it. World War III has broken out on your blog site.

You regret posting.

Trolls are everywhere, time immortal.  Profiled as young single males in there early twenties. No, I'm not out to bash single males in their early twenties. But this is the case. The computer scientists have discovered this, in their computer laboratories. This doesn't mean women don't do this, because they do!

There are 18 types of Trolls

This is how to deal with trolls:

  • Ignore. Trolls feed off attention. With no response they usually go away.
  • Report them. 
  • Block them from your site.
  • Trolls have multiple email accounts.  One person could be many. Don't be fooled by this trick!
Now you know, Happy socializing.

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