The Bible, The Coronation and a Big Red Dictionary.

When I was young, I remember a bible that we had in our home.

Containing in brief, The Old and the New Testament. 

I'm sure it is still circulating somewhere in my family. On a bookshelf somewhere, collecting dust, or in a drawer. 

I'm recalling this from memory.  

A memory that is over fifty-five years old.

Black, heavy, soft covered, almost leathery. Embossed!
A purple ribbon hung down the inside spine. A bookmark! Silk.
On a page near the front was a page called Family Record, as I recall. 

My mother had written the names of her children. My three sisters and I.
All at different times.  In different coloured ink.

It was like magic to me.

Not in a religious way but more a taboo way. Don't touch! Don't touch!

The thin, almost see-through, white crisp pages. The bright gold gilded edging.

We never did read it!  We fingered through it! The printing too small. The words too big.

But we cherished that big black heavy Holy Bible.  Swore to God, as kids on it!
Now, years wiser, I realize that doing so, meant nothing.

I remember it also having a page that you could write in called, "Deaths."
I wonder if someone has filled in that page? Or even if there was a page called Death.

This I've recalled from my memory. Like I said earlier, it's been over fifty-five years and there are a lot of old memories still hidden inside this head of mine. Some good, some bad.

A Blue Coffee Table Book and a Big Red Dictionary

I may have it wrong. I also remember a big blue coffee table book, of Queen Elizabeth II, that we as kids would always open and sit for hours looking at the pictures of her Coronation. 

And then there was a big fat red Dictionary. Fat, fat! With a zillion pages, it seemed a picture for every word. So heavy I could hardly lift. I remember spending hours looking at this word, then a drawing, then that word, a picture. My imagination went wild.

I've carried around this memory of these three books. Why? I regress. Maybe because they were the first real books that I ever touched and held in my hands. "Now just a fleeting moment!" Maybe their size. I was just a kid!

But then again, I could be wrong. It was a long time ago. 

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