I thought I'd make a wish. Give it 3 months and see if it comes true!

13-inch : 256GB

  • 1.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor Turbo 
  • Boost up to 2.6GHz Intel HD Graphics 
  • 5000 4GB memory 256GB flash storage1
I'm going to do a test...
to find out if wishes do come true.

I'm going to make a wish!  I'm going to give it three months to swirl around with other wishes where ever they reside, floating around out there in space, somewhere.  Then, when the three months are up, see if it has come true.

One thing all wishers should do when wishing for something, is wish for something specific.   Get right down to the nitty-gritty.  Imagine it in front of me.  Touching it!  Using it!  

What could I possibly ask for?  You ask.

I thought about it:

I could use a new computer.  

The wish granter says, "Not good enough!"

Okay, I say.  I prefer a Mac. 

"Not good enough! Be specific!" he says.

Well, I'd really like a laptop. 

"What kind of laptop?"

How about a MacBook Air!

"Not good enough! 11-inch or 13-inch?"

Thirteen inch sounds better.

"Storage? 128GB or 256 GB?"

256 GB would work great!

Could I be more specific?  A 13-inch MacBook Air w/256 GB storage.

Oh, I forgot.  It has to come to me free!

What you say???? You're not going to wish, peace through-out the world, wish to end hunger and starvation, save the children?????

Let's see if this works first, then I'll go for the big stuff, using the AirMac Pro.

I'll post pictures of it when it arrives.

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Mary Ihla said...

You know how to make a quality wish! I love my 11-inch MacBook Air. It's so small and light I can throw it in my tote bag and do my writing from anywhere. We originally purchased the Air three years ago so my husband could surf the Web, play solitaire, and handle our finances while he was watching TV. Just three months later, my MacBook Pro died, and I took over the Air for my creative services business. It's powerful enough that I can run all the design programs I use daily, and I love the feel of the keyboard for writing. My only problem now is I ran out of storage space long ago, so I have to use a portable hard drive to store all of my files. Hope your wish comes true!

Michael Estey said...

Thanks Mary, good story. I'll keep my fingers crossed. lol