How To Hurt Your Ranking on Google

Using Google Sink or Swim

Traffic is now starting to come to your blog.  Search engines are driving traffic your way.

You've written some compelling advice on cleaning widgets and assembling do-dads.

Avoid falling into Google traps

Don't fall into one of these traps when writing your blog.

Google rarely gives out second chances if you are caught doing something they don't like and only on rare occasions will Google tell you why you screwed up. If you do get blacklisted it might be too late.

Here are some things you might want to consider:

  • Don't over keyword you posts. Use keywords but don't stuff and cram them into every sentence on your blog. If you do your site will be considered spam and will be removed from Google search engines completely. You don't want that to happen.
  • Don't camouflage keywords into your blog. Such as clumping them together in small lettering or in red (any colour) at the bottom of the page.  Google will find them and chastise you.
  • Don't buy or publish links that are paid for. They inflate your blog.  Both you and the advertiser will be blackballed.
  • Use the no-follow tag in sponsored ads. Google's search engines recognize it when used. If you don't Google gets very angry.
  • Don't trade links with other web sites like there is no tomorrow instead invest the time in developing on line relationships.
  • No excessive irrelevant links to external pages, quality over quantity. 
  • There is no such thing as magic optimization. Research companies that offer pie-in-the-sky results.
  • No apers. Copying if forbidden. There are copy writing laws, don't test them.
  • Don't give up. Post Post Post. Open the portals of entry to your site. The more posts the more doors for surfers to enter.

This includes your side-bar as well.

It's hard to understand Google's logic in all this, no one really knows how Google uses search engines to deliver keyword search results.

Keep on Bloggin' but do it right!

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